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Solid Rubber Distribution Box

Our solid rubber distribution boxes are extremely rugged and reliable in use. Their circuit-breakers are arranged inside the housing for optimum protection and can be quickly and easily accessed through a hinged cover.


Solid Rubber Distribution Box 63A

- CEE 63A 400V 5P with 2m 5G16 H07 RN-F
     - 1x RCD 63A 30mA 4P

- 1x CEE 63A 400V 5P
     - protected by RCD
- 1x CEE 32A 400V 5P
     - 1x MCB 32A C 3P
- 1x CEE 16A 400V 5P
     - 1x MCB 16A C 3P
- 3x Schuko
     - 3x MCB 16A C 3P

Product Nr.:11200742

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